VENTO – About

The Vento brand is part of the Sheng Yuan Electric Co, and PAN AIR ELECTRIC, founded in 1981. The Vento brand was established by PAN AIR with the objective of producing decorative and luxury ceiling fans. We quickly positioned ourselves as leaders in the ceiling fan industry. We maintain this status by continuously investing in research and development. This gives us a superior ability to anticipate and address our customer’s needs.

Our philosophy is embodied in our logo. Five V’s circle around a central point to resemble a ceiling fan. Each “V” represents a pillar of our brand:

  • Vision: Our vision is to create products which are both beautiful and sustainable.
  • Vogue: Our goal is to remain ahead of the trends and deliver timeless style
  • Value: We select the best materials to create the best quality products
  • Vantage: We invite you to stand with us and see the world from a different point of view.
  • Vanguard: We lead the industry for cutting edge design and innovative products.

Since Vento’s debut on the world stage, our designs have been applauded by the international design community. Vento is the proud recipient of the iF Design, Japan Good Design, Taiwan Excellence and Taiwan Golden Pin awards.

“Vento. It’s Italian for wind, but it stands for award winning design.”

Our products are available throughout Australia via our national distributor ‘Universal Fans’. Please direct sales enquiries to Universal Fans.